Education & Workforce Principles

Compete America believes that the United States must grow domestic sources of talent. Compete America’s members are committed to improving U.S. science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Our nation’s top priority should be continuing the education and training of existing U.S. STEM workers while encouraging more young Americans to choose careers in these growing fields.

The coalition’s member companies support STEM education and workforce training in the United States via company initiatives and H-1B visa fees.

Company Education Initiatives

Compete America’s coalition members support domestic talent growth via a wide range of company-financed education and training initiatives, including:

  • Billions of dollars in STEM education investment
  • Teacher training
  • Veterans training
  • STEM program development grants
  • Employee skill development and retraining
  • STEM-related competitions and scholarships
  • Free online STEM learning opportunities
  • And more

Learn more about what companies are doing to advance STEM education here.

H-1B Visa Fees

In addition to independent workforce initiatives, Compete America coalition members support education and workforce development via the H-1B visa fees that are paid when hiring foreign nationals due to a lack of qualified domestic candidates. The Department of Labor, National Science Foundation, and Department of Homeland Security use these fees for workforce training, STEM scholarships, education grant programs, and more. Compete America advocates for the continued investment in American workforce development with an increased focus on supporting STEM education initiatives that will help America grow the domestic talent base it needs.