Compete America

Who We Are

Compete America is a coalition of American employers dedicated to creating new jobs for Americans through education initiatives and by reforming our nation’s broken high-skilled immigration system.

What We Believe

It’s time to put America first by protecting and creating American jobs through education and high-skilled immigration reform.

The United States must grow domestic sources of talent. Compete America’s members are committed to improving U.S. science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Our nation’s top priority should be continuing the education and training of existing U.S. STEM workers while encouraging more young Americans to choose careers in these growing fields.

U.S. companies must be held strictly accountable for filling open positions with qualified Americans first. However, when a company is unable to fill a position with a qualified American, it must be able to recruit and retain highly educated foreign-born professionals – particularly after they graduate from a U.S. university – as an important complement to domestic sources of talent.

Strong, smart enforcement is needed. The high-skilled immigration system must be permanently fixed to ensure that the law punishes bad actors and recognizes that most employers who hire foreign-born professionals follow the rules scrupulously.

Innovation companies will continue to grow as some of America’s largest job creators. America’s technology industry is experiencing exponential growth. Highly educated foreign-born professionals have made and will continue to make great contributions to these companies, allowing them to continue to grow and create jobs for America’s workforce.